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“Purchased the trip for Thanks for hosting my daughter Mackenzie . She said she had a wonderful time! Jimbo is knowledgeable, professional and fun ! Everything you want in a guide ! Don’t hesitate! Take this your !!!”

Stephanie | Sept 2022

Jimbo was one of the most personable and down to earth tour guide I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I can’t recommend this tour enough. You can really tell how much he loves his city and giving tours. This was a real local’s perspective on Boston and gave the best inside scoops for things to do and see.

Austin | March 2022

Highly recommend, Jimbo was really personable and a fantastic storyteller. Time flew by and discovered much about a great city

Phillip | Aug 2022

“What a great tour! Jimbo is the best tour guide in Boston! We went around to some cool places that were some of his favorite spots. He is very knowledgeable and keeps it entertaining. If you’re thinking about booking this, do it!”

Chelsea | Dec 2021

“Jimbo was full of historical knowledge and stellar joke. Would recommend this to anyone curious about Little Italy, Paul Revere, and great pizza. We learned a lot!”

Corey | Dec 2021

“This experience with Jimbo was the best idea we had on our Boston trip!! The pizza was great. Beer was great. And Jimbo’s storytelling was amazing. 10/10 recommend hanging out with Jimbo if you’re looking for something to do on an afternoon in Boston.”

Ryan | Dec 2021

“Great trip around the north end with an awesome host. Jimbo was knowledgeable, funny and kind- the best tour guide to make your trip memorable and see Boston in a fresh light. He brings the history to life with his storytelling and quick quips. Great vibe, great guide- do yourself a favor and book a tour with him for a fun afternoon!”

Sophie | Jan 2022

“Jimbo was great. If you’re looking for a down to earth tour with a nice balance of history, humor, food, and a beer then this tour is a great fit. Walking around little Italy and that north side is fun and I appreciated that he knew a few more off the beaten path stories about the area and it’s history. You’ll hit a few good photo locations and eat some good food as you make your way around the area. I gave 5 stars as truly earned, my only advice is to be armed with better recommendations for restaurants, venues, etc as being in part a liaison to the city. Overall great though and do recommend.”

Matthew | Dec 2021

“Who doesn’t love pizza or beer and I guess Paul Revere LOL. My 14 year old daughter and I had never been to Boston, we wanted to know and see the area, we also LOVE pizza!! Jimbo was awesome, he was accommodating and attentive to details. His knowledge of the off-the -beaten path locations was WICKED and we had the best time. We fell in love with Boston and Jimbos quick wit, knowledge of the area, personal stories and relationships with the patrons we visited made the tour smooth and enjoyable. Don’t look any further Jimbo is your Dude he is a Wicked Good Tour Guide!!!”

Heather | Dec 2021

“Pizza was great, but quite frankly the price for this tour should be a little lowered in my opinion. Overall a good tour with some pizza and a glass of beer”

Gaius | Dec 2021

“10/10 would recommend going on this tour. It’s not your typical boring walking tour of a city, Jimbo makes it fun and engaging and obviously the pizza was amazing.”

Hannah | Nov 2021

“This tour was so fun!! I made new friends and discovered a couple really awesome hidden gems in the north end!! It was a fantastic day and I plan to do more tours with Jimbo!”

Julie | Dec 2021

“Jimbo is very personable and easy to chat with. He knows the city and has lots of stories to tell. He took us to two of his favorite pizza joints and they did NOT disappoint. Some of the best pizza I’ve ever had and we never would’ve found it if not for this tour. This is great for off-the-beaten-path sight-seeing. Would recommend!”

Heather | Dec 2021

“If you do ONE THING in Boston, do Jimbos tour!!!! It was authentic, full of history, and amazing beer and pizza. Taken around the north end, you experience the best of Boston!! The pizza is ready for us and he is clearly a local fave. This was such a great use of my time and money. Jimbo is a natural tour guide. 10000% recommend!”

Ashley | Nov 2021

“Jimbo is the ultimate tour guide in Boston. He is highly experienced and very knowledge not just about his individual beer and pizza tour, but of all of Boston! The tour itself was great because Jimbo showed my partner and I the local businesses and where he would go to have a drink and have a slice of pizza. I highly recommend if you see his tour to book him without any hesitation. We enjoyed it very much and thanks again we cannot wait to return soon!”

Ramon | Nov 2021

“We ended up with a private tour and it was so personal and fun!! Jimbo has a lot of knowledge and local in sites to Boston!! Would highly recommend this tour!!”

Kim | Oct 2021

“It was fun being taken around by a local and seeing all that Little Italy has to offer! Lots of great recommendations, the pizza was awesome, and the stories were fun! Totally worth it, highly recommend!”

Stephanie | Oct 2021

“Jimbo was a very informative host. He has great knowledge of the city and took us to two fantastic pizza places. Would highly recommend this trip”

Mark | Sept 2021

“If you want a unique experience, filled with great pizza, local beer, and a chance to see some special spots in a city while exploring its history, this is the tour for you. Jimbo is extremely knowledgeable, funny, and filled with local secrets that will give you a sense of the city like never before.”

John | Oct 2021

“What’s not to love about a tour with pizza, beer, and Paul Revere?!?!? Jimbo was a fantastic guide- he made us laugh while teaching us some Boston history and showing us some hidden spots! The pizza was AMAZING! Highly recommend this tour for anyone that loves fun (and pizza)!”

Suzy | Oct 2021

“Wow such a wonderful tour! Jimbo shared his vast knowledge of Boston with us! We had amazing pizza together. At the end of the tour Jimbo share other places for us to visit, which we have also enjoyed very much! We highly recommend this tour !”

Tom & Karen | Sept 2021

“As soon as I read the name of the tour, “Pizza, Beer and Paul Revere”, knew this one was the one for us. What a fun way to learn about Boston’s North End. Jimbo takes you through the city, pointing out things that most yours would walk right buy, sharing the history, fun facts and info about the different areas and historical spots. The pizza stops were fantastic, and delicious, That Louie sauce was AWESOME!!”

Ana | Sept 2021

“My husband and I had a great time. The beginning of the tour included ducking into a quiet little alley with amazing bread and then pointing out a couple places we have to go back to (we booked on a Sunday so some stuff was closed). He gave us just enough history and then also pizza and local recs to keep us laughing and engaged the whole time. Would recommend this to locals or tourists”

Maddy | Oct 2021

“It’s always a privilege to see a new place through a locals POV. The tour was as advertised, great pizza, beer, and history. Jimbo provides a casual experience that is memorable and fun. The locals you’ll meet along the way seem to know and love Jimbo which leaves you feeling like you are getting a true local experience. I would certainly recommend this tour!”

Jenna | Sept 2021

“This was an incredible tour ! Jimbo really knows his stuff & gave us an incredible “locals” view of Boston’ – thank you so much for everything . We will recommend you to anyone we can. Thank you for making us feel welcome & showing us the ins & outs ! Our kids had so much fun too!!”

Summer | August 2021

“My husband and I had a great time. The beginning of the tour included ducking into a quiet little alley with amazing bread and then pointing out a couple places we have to go back to (we booked on a Sunday so some stuff was closed). He gave us just enough history and then also pizza and local recs to keep us laughing and engaged the whole time. Would recommend this to locals or tourists”

Maddy | Oct 2021

“The pizza, beer and Paul Revere experience was perfect for a introduction into the very historical part of Boston. Jimbo is engaging and truly takes you places off the beaten path for a very memorable experience. Plus you get to sample the best beer and pizza in town!”

Nicole | June 2021

“Jimbo, the tie-dyed tour guide, took our family on a great tour of the North End. While we aren’t necessarily ‘history buffs’ Jimbo met us at our level and delivered the goods. He kept our 3 boys (7, 12 & 16) engaged with cool stories, pizza and soda. Another bonus is that he knows how to get the most perfect Paul Revere pic. Super responsive prior to the tour and even made himself available afterwards to answer any other questions we had during our trip to Boston.”

Todd | Oct 2021

“Jimbo makes you feel right at home with his tour. It felt like an old friend showing us around the city. The route was awesome, showcasing parts of the city I never knew existed! Great value, absolutely worth it. Delicious pizza and awesome sites. I’d definitely recommend to anyone wanting to get a unique experience in Boston.”

Madison | Aug 2021

“Highly recommend for anyone looking to get a unique view of Boston. Jimbo had great stories and kept us engaged the whole tour. We loved the pizza selection and appreciated the cool spots we probably wouldn’t have stumbled across otherwise. A gem of a tour.”

Jenna | Aug 2021

“Jimbo puts on a fantastic tour, a really fun way to see the North End! He has an incredible knowledge of the city and it’s history. The story of Paul Revere is shared by visiting various locations with engaging musings along the way. A talented tour guide who reads the group and seems adaptable to shifting to make it an incredible experience for a variety of folks. Good pizza, cool bar, what’s not to love?! Would highly recommend!”

Kara | Aug 2021

“If you’re looking for a good time, look no further!! All innuendo aside, we had the best time exploring the North End, eating some terrific pizza, and generally getting the scoop from a local. We saw things we wouldn’t have seen in a million years on our own, and Jimbo gave us some thoughtful suggestions for what else to see while we were in town. We all had a great time-even my 17-year old! If you’re on the fence, take my advice and book this tour!”

Sarah | July 2021

“Jimbo was amazing!! My husband and I actually live in Boston and we were still surprised to learn of the hidden gems in the North End. Great for locals and tourists, and especially those who love pizza. Jimbo is extremely friendly and passionate about what he does and it lights up his tour. Recommended for everyone!”

Bridget | July 2021

“Super fun! Lots of good info on the north end, not to mention tasty pizza and beer. Jimbo was a great tour guide with local expertise and suggestions.”

Elizabeth | July 2021

“Jimbo really is the best! Still thinking about that delicious pizza and the awesome stories he shared. Just the right amount of time for a tour & all the best sites!”

Lisa | Aug 2021

“Fantastic host with a great sense of humor and great knowledge of the north end of Boston. Great guide to the hole in the wall places in the north end.”

Eric | June 2021

“Have you ever planned to visit a new city and someone says to you – “Hey, I have a friend that lives in town that can show you around!” Well, Jimbo is that friend.

His tour encompasses a little history, several popular historical landmarks and all the cool nooks and crannies other tours would pass right over. Then of course, just as the tile suggests, he buys you a couple slices of pizza along the way! (..Continue) Kimberly

What really made this tour so enjoyable was Jimbo himself. You can tell he has a passion for what he does and he genuinely wants you to have a good time. At the end, he took time to give us suggestions on what to see while we were in town which was a short 24-hours so we really appreciated the insider tips.

Book his tour and make a new friend in Boston, you won’t regret it!

Kimberly | July 2021

“Jimbo is great! The “People Magazine” highlight clips of history and where to go/what to see in Boston on a short trip. Super easy going, personable guy to hang with for a few hours. Great dive bars, awesome hole in the wall pizza places and really interesting history snippets. 10/10 would recommend.”

Brooke | June 2021

“Jimbo was super knowledgeable with a real fun personality 🙂 he brought us places we never would’ve thought to go to on our own. even though we were walking in 95 degree heat with the sun beating down on us the whole time, he still managed to make it a great day!!”

Kayley | June 2021

“One of the Best tours I have been on . Jimbo was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. We had absolutely perfect weather amazingly delicious pizza.GREAT TOUR”

Timothy | May 2021

“A tour with Jimbo is an amazing experience right from the start. I never knew Boston had so many amazing alleyways and phenomenal pizza joints and bars, Plus ask him about the tomato.”

Rohit | Feb 2020

“If you are looking for a standard cookie cutter tour, then Jimbo is not for you!!! If you want fun and unplanned entertainment THIS IS THE TOUR FOR YOU!!!

This tour had everything you could hope for and more! The knowledge and passion Jimbo has for his city and people shows through while guiding you down the streets of Boston. The history that is shared along with the laughs,drinks and pizza make this an amazing way to spend the day. David (Continued…)

“The personalization of walking around with someone who clearly knows these streets, people and places is extraordinarily fun! I felt like a local walking into places you won’t find on (Hidden by Airbnb) or with any commercialized tour.

From Paul Reveres house to the Old North Church we hit all the main places that I we wanted to. Jimbo even shared some places you would never think of to get some amazing views of the city.”

David (Continued…)

“I would 100/10 recommend this trip to anyone visiting the town, never once did I feel rushed or that Jimbo was ready to be done! This was truly the highlight of our trip and hope you too can enjoy the pleasure of meeting Jimbo someday! Thanks again! It was truly a blast!!!!!!””

David | Feb 2020

“Had a better time then I thought I would! It was nice walking around and jimbo has a great personality and super friendly”

Sara | May 2021

“Terrific Boston history and local’s perspective”

Christine | Nov 2021

“Great tour with superb guide.”

Jennifer | Nov 2021

“great tour guide and super accomadating.”

Ryan | May 2021

“Jimbo is just awesome! Highly recommend booking his tour”

Marcella | July 2021

“Worth it!”

Austin | July 2021

“Great day with Jimbo! Great tour and superb conversation – thanks for a terrific experience.”

Catherine | May 2021

Jimbo was a great tour guide, pointing out the local places to go in the North End with a little bit of history thrown in. Highly recommend!

Anna | Feb 2022

The tour was great. Jimbo showed us the local spots on the north side. Incredible pizza stops, and even showed us a great coffee grains shop. Highly recommend

Andrew | Feb 2022

“The tour was an awesome experience! We touched the importance of the city and North End during the tour, and the best of all, there was delicious pizzas involved! Could not be happier! Thank you!”

Johnny | Jan 2020