“Hi! I’m Jimbo, the Tye Dyed Tour Guide!”

I’ve been leading tours in Boston for nearly a decade, with somewhere around 8,000 people having joined me on a walk around my city. Over the years, I’ve worked at the duck boats, the segway tours, and a few others…and I’ve taken the knowledge I’ve learned and created a niche for myself, based on the things I personally love…Pizza, Drinking, and History!!

As such, I present to you the Pizza, Beer, and Paul Revere Tour!!

First and foremost, I’m a local who calls himself the tye dyed tour guide…so rest assured this isn’t going to be a boring, canned tour. Great for families on vacation, or couples in town for the day!

I also offer two other tours you can find here: The boSTONER Tour and The Wicked Winter Wonderwalk Tour! There’s a little something for everybody!!

Come see Boston with a wicked local!

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108 Blackstone St

Boston, MA 02109